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As your business grows and matures, you will need to upgrade or replace your IT systems - but where do you start in trying to find a new system?  

Key Benefits
* A new system may give you extra functions to replace manual or tedious admin
* It will be more reliable and flexible to respond to changes in your business
* It may allow you to integrate different departments making your operation smoother and slicker
* It may be more cost effective than maintaining an old, out of date system

DiMicro has experience of accounting, marketing, stock control, company-wide email, remote access, sales order processing, purchase order processing and many others.  Being IT professionals we keep up to date with the fast moving software package suppliers.

Your business
Firstly, we sit down and begin to understand your business  

Your needs
We'll listen to what you want the system to do  

The future
We'll make some sensible suggestions in new areas  

DiMicro will produce costed recommendations...  

...and help you implement your new solution

Reference Accounts
Some of our recent customers include:

Micro Plumbing and Heating Distributors Ltd
This traditional plumbers merchant needed a complete overhaul of it's IT and telephone systems.  It now has an up to date system, capable of further expansion as the business grows.

Initially Yours Embroiderers
New owners needed to relocate and extend their computer system.